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Daikin Oil Cooling Unit Akj Series

Part Number: AKJ359-H

High-accuracy temperature control and first class energy saving by fusing "Hydraulic Technology" and "Inverter Technology".

The usable oils for this circulation type cooling unit are lubricating oil and mineral oil based hydraulic fluid.The viscosity range of the oil is 0.5~200mm2/s.

The room temperature operating range is between 5~45°C and the tank fluid operating range is 5~50°C.


    Cooling Capacity (kW) 3.2/3.5
    Power Supply AC 3-phase 200/220V 50/60Hz
    Height 1045mm
    Width 360mm
    Depth 440mm
    Compressor Equivalent to 0.75kW
    Refrigerant R410A
    Noise 62dB(A)
    Weight (kg) 44

    Product Info

    Oil Cooling Unit AKJ359 DAIKIN

    EC Declaration of Incorporation of Partly Completed Machinery

    Daikin Oil Cooling Unit Akj Series03
    7 Jan 2019
    11-1Nishi-hitotsuya, Settsu-shi, Osaka, 566-8585, Japan 
    1-2[02] Technical Documentation is obtained by the following authorized. Authorized representative Sauer Bibus GmbH Address Lise-Meitner-Ring 13, D-89231 Neu-Ulm, Germany 
    1-3[03] Hereby declares that the machinery described below: Oil Cooling Unit AKZ 9 Series Models: AKZ149-(B)C(H)(T), AKZ149-017,020,023,024,026,027,029,030 AKZ329- (B)C(H)(T), AKZ329-017,020,023,024,026,027,029,030 AKZ439- (B)C(H)(T), AKZ439-017,020,023,024,026,027,029,030 

    1-4[04] This declaration complies with the provisions of the machinery directive and the regulations transposing it into national law, but the machinery described in this certificate must not be put into service until the machinery into which it is to be incorporated has been declared in conformity with the provisions of the Machinery and their amendments. Note) This declaration becomes invalid if technical or operational modifications are introduced without the manufacturer’s consent 
    1-5[05] Also complies with the provisions of the following European Directives: - EMC Directive 2004/108/EC Relevant information that should be transmitted in response to a reasoned request by the national authorities, by the electronic method or other according to the request. [06] Complies with the provisions of the following harmonised standard: - Machinery Directive: EN 378-2:2008 - EMC Directive: EN 61000-6-4:2007 EN 55011:2007+ A2:2007, (group 1, class A) EN 61000-6-2:2005 [07] 1-1 Nishi-hitotsuya, Settsu-shi, Osaka, 566-8585, Japan On 1. July. 2010 [08] Kenjiro Suzuki Quality Assurance Department Manager,Oil-hydraulic Division, Yodogawa Plant

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