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Our company has newly developed the Bent Axis Variable Displacement Motors Series 51 and 51-1 series

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Our company has newly developed the Bent Axis Variable Displacement Motors Series 51 and 51-1 series


Series 51 general information:

Series 51 and 51-1 variable displacement motors are bent axis design units, incorporating spherical pistons.

These motors are designed primarily to be combined with other products in closed circuit systems to transfer and control hydraulic power. Series 51 and 51-1 motors have a large maximum / minimum displacement ratio (5:1) and high output speed capabilities. SAE, cartridge, and DIN flange configurations are available.

A complete family of controls and regulators is available to fulfill the requirements of a wide range of applications.

Motors normally start at maximum displacement. This provides maximum starting torque for high acceleration.

The controls may utilize internally supplied servo pressure. They may be overridden by a pressure compensator which functions when the motor is operating in motor and pump modes. A defeat option is available to disable the pressure compensator override when the motor is running in pump mode.

The pressure compensator option features a low pressure rise (short ramp) to ensure optimal power utilization throughout the entire displacement range of the motor. The pressure compensator is also available as a stand-alone regulator.

• The series 51 and 51-1 motors – Advanced technology

• The most technically advanced hydraulic units in the industry

• SAE, cartridge, and DIN flange motors

• Cartridge motors designed for direct installation in compact planetary drives

• Large displacement ratio (5:1)

• Complete family of control systems

• Proven reliability and performance

• Optimum product configurations

• Compact, lightweight

H&E employee have rich experiences in technology & technique in their products for many years. For each one product, H & E must pass strict inspection by QC and engineer when required.

Please contact us for specific technical parameters and ordering guidance.

Motors Series 51 and 51-1 series