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Our company has newly developed the closed circuit A4VG series variable displacement pump

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Our company has newly developed the closed circuit A4VG series variable displacement pump


Sizes 28...250

Series 3

Nominal pressure 400 bar

Peak pressure 450 bar


– Variable displacement axial piston pump of swashplate design for hydrostatic closed circuit transmissions

– Flow is proportional to drive speed and displacement and is infinitely variable

– Output flow increases with swivel angle from 0 to its maximum value

– Swivelling the pump over centre smoothly changes the direction of flow

– Availability of a highly adaptable range of control and regulating devices

– The pump is equipped with two pressure relief valves on the high pressure ports to protect the hydrostatic transmission (pump and motor) from overloads

– These valves also function as boost inlet valves

– An integral auxiliary pump serves as boost and pilot oil pump

– The maximum boost pressure is limited by a built-in boost pressure relief valve

– The integral pressure cut-off is standard

– Further Informations: Variable Displacement Pump A4VTG RE 92 012 for drum drives on mobile concrete mixers

 A4VG series

Installation and Commissioning Notes General

The pump housing must be filled with hydraulic fluid prior to commissioning and remain full when operating.

Commissioning should be carried out at low speed and with no load until all air has been bled from the system.

If the pump is idle for extended periods, the housing may drain via the service lines. It is important to refill the housing sufficiently

before putting the pump back into operation.

Leakage fluid in the housing space should be sent to the tank via the highest leakage oil port. Ensure a minimum suction pressure

at port S of 0,8 bar abs. (cold start 0,5 bar absolute).

Installation position

Optional. In case pumps, sizes 71...250, are installed „shaft upwards“ indicate accordingly on order. The pump is then supplied

with additional bleeding port R1 in the flange area.



Safety Instructions

– The pump A4VG is designed for application in closed circuits.

– Layout, assembly, startup and operation of the pump requires sufficiently trained staff.

– The service and operating ports are only designed for the connection of hydraulic lines.

– Tightening torques: Do not exceed the max. permissible tightening torque of the fittings used, see manufacturer’s specifications.

– For fixing screws conforming to DIN 13, we recommend to verify the tightening torque in each individual case in accordance with VDI 2230, edition 2003.

– During and shortly after operation of the pump, the solenoids are extremely hot: do not touch - risk of burns.

Please contact us for specific technical parameters and ordering guidance.