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Hydraulic products

We are one professional supplier for hydraulic products viz. piston pumps/motors, vane pumps, gear pumps and the spare parts in them. 
We have three manufacturing works which one wholly making the spare parts for hydraulic pumps/motors for all kinds of models (eg. Rexroth, Sauer Danfoss, Vickers, Hitachi, Komatsu, Kawasaki, Linde, Liebherr……) and one other assembling Rexroth pumps A10VO16/18/28/45/71/100/140. The third factory is focusing on the cylinder block for piston pumps/motors, and the thrust plate for gear pump.
We also supplying other pumps/motors (A2F, A2VK, A2FO, A4VSO, A6V/7V/8V, A11V; PVB, PVH, TA1919, PVE19,MFE19, SPV21/22/23…) made in China.
Please be free to contact me when you need help. We are interested to make parts (Especially cylinder blocks) with our bottom price according to samples/drawings as you required if quantity large.

Hereinafter the models of PISTON PUMP SERIES as our main products

Complete Pumps & Motors

A2F10/12/23/28/45/55/63/80/107/125/160/200/225/250/355/500/915/1000; (A2VK…)
A4FO40/71/125/180/250/355; A4FM40/71/125/180/250
PVE19/21; TA1919; MFE15/19
HPVMF23/37 hydraulic motor;
Chinese pump CY,MCY,SCY,YCY,PCY,BCY,HY series…

Spare parts

Rexroth A2F10/12/23/28/45/55/63/80/107/125/160/200/225/250/355/500/915/1000; (A2VK…)
Rexroth A2FO10/12/16/23/28/32/45/56/63/80/90/107/125/160/180/250/355/500
Rexroth A2FE28/32/45/56/63/80/90/107/125/160/180/250/355
Rexroth A4V(SO)40/45/50/56/71/90/125/180/250/355/500
Rexroth A4VG25/28/40/45/50/56/71/90/125/140/180/250
Rexroth A6V(M)28/55/80/107/140/160/200/250/355/500
Rexroth A7V(O)28/55/80/107/140/160/200/250/355/500/1000
Rexroth A8V(O)28/55/80/107/140/160/200/250/355/500
Rexroth A10V(S)O10/16/18/28/45/63/71/85/100/140 (First products of complete pumps)
Rexroth A10VGO28/45/63
Rexroth A11V(L)O50/60/75/95/130/145/160/190/250/260
Rexroth A11VG50
Uchida A8V86; A10VD17/43/71; AP2D14/21/25/36; PSVD2-19E/21E/27E
Sauer SPV15/18; SPV20/21/22/23/24/25/26, SPV6/119; MPV046;PV90R30/42/55/75/100/250
Eaton 3331; 3932; 4621/31; 5421/23/31;6421/23/31;7620/21;
Eaton PVXS-066/090/180
Vickers PVB5/6/10/15/20/29;
Vickers PVE19/21; TA1919; MFE15/19
Vickers PVH57/74/98/131; PVM028
CAT12G/14G/16G/215/225/235/245/992/963; CAT320(AP-12);CAT320C;CAT330B;
SPK10/10(E200B); E200B NEW TYPE; SPV10/10; CAT120
Yuken A37/40/45/56/70/90/120/140/145
Linde BPR105/140/186/260; BPV35/50/70/100/200; B2PV35/50/75/105; H3.0/H4.5 travel
Linde HPR75/90/100/130/160; BMV50/55/75/105; BMF35/75/105/140/186/260; MPF55, MPR63
Deijin Seiki GM05/08/10/23/30/35(VA or VL)
Hitachi HPV091/102/105/116/130/135/145
PC50/60/100/120/150/200/220/300/400 (-1/2/3/4/5/6/7)/650; PC45R-8 swing motor;
Kawasaki K3V45/63/112/140/180/280; K5V80/140/200
Kawasaki K3SP36; KVC925/930/932; DNB08; NVK45DT; SBS120/140
Kawasaki NV64/84/90/111/137/172/270; NX15; BE725
Kawasaki MX150/173/500; M2X63/96/120/128/146/150/170/210; M5X130/180
Kobelco SK30/60/100-7/200-1/3/6/7/220-2/3/320; HD450V; LUCAS400/500
Kayaba MAG150/170; MSF85/PSVS-90C; PSVL-54; KYB87,KMF90; MSF23
Hawe V30D75/95/140/250; V60
Tadano 100
Parker PAVC100; PV040/092/140; P200Q; PVP16/76
Denison PV29/74; PVT38
Toshiba SG025/04/08/20
Sumitomo PSV2-55T/63
Nachi PVD-2B-32/34/36/100;PVD-3B-54P; PVK-2B-505
Daikin V15;V38/-50/80;V70
Volvo F11,F12
Kyokuto MKV23/33
Kato 311
OTHERS:MF16(type/motor);MF500; PVG130; 3V-SH-2B

Vane Pump Series

PVL Series
VPV Series Variable Displacement
V Series Low Noise
VQ Series
SQP Series
V10,V20 Series

All Kinds of Gear Pumps and Orbital Motors……

And if your purchasing quantity large, we would like to offer big discount. Our advantages,
1.Having all of the products and we can arrange shipment for most orders in one week.
2.Choosing the best quality of products(if we don't make) for customers in whole China.
If your esteemed company have any cooperation chance please don’t hesitate to contact me. We are willing to serve you best.

Dredger and Components

We would​like​to​make​ourselves​available​to​you​here​at​dredger​and components Sales. We​are​located​in​the​province​of​Jiangsu,China​and​have​been​in​the​dredger equipment and components industry for over 15​years.​ 
The main products are: 
Whole different types of dredgers, mud pumps, cutter drive assembly, digging rock cutters, bucket-wheel assembly, positioning piles trolley assembly, efficient rake head, mud door, hanger, gear boxes and all kinds of wear parts such as full sets of dredging equipment.
It​would​be​our​pleasure​to​assist​you with​your dredger equipment and​parts needs.​ 
Please do not hesitate to contact us​should you​have any interest in us and​we​will​do our very best to help you. 

Original Daikin Hydraulic Station Assembly and variable frequency oil cooler

Adopting Daikin's unique ultra energy-saving technology and "IPM motor", a frequency conversion oil cooler has been further optimized
The integration of "hydraulic technology" and "frequency conversion technology" has achieved further optimization of high-precision temperature regulation and energy conservation. In addition, by making menus of common individual specifications, short-term lead time correspondence can be achieved.