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Shaft Seals/Seal Kits and Repair Kits for Hydraulic Products

H&E supply high pressure shaft seals/seal kits and repair kits for all hydraulic products like as hydraulic pumps/motors and cylinders...


    Shaft Seals
    7 Jan 2019
    Our main products are shaft seals and seal kits used in Hydraulic Pump & Motors, including but not limited to the following brands' design:
    NOK Series:TCN,TCV
    TCM Series

    These seals are used in Hydraulic Piston pumps/motors,Hydraulic gear pumps, gerotor motor and Hydraulic vane pumps and other hydraulic assembly, including pump brand: Rexroth, Sauer, Linde, Vickers, Eaton, Kawasaki...
    All products in our inventory are produced within the ISO/DIN 3760 standards.
    These seals are widely accepted and admired by almost all developed and main countries,including USA,Canada,UK,Germany, Italy, Netherland, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil ...
    Our clients come from every corner of the globe!

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